Essentials to Sustainable Revenue Growth

One of my favorite indicators of business success is:  Growing Sustainable Revenue.  The sustainable growth rate in a business is the maximum growth rate a business can achieve without having to increase its financial leverage or debt financing. Stated another way, it is the maximum growth rate that can be achieved given the company's profitabilityasset utilizationdividend payout, and debt ratios.

Here are three keys to sustainable revenue growth:

Connect with your prospects & clients

Understand what they want to achieve

Deliver to beyond their expectations

While it sounds simple, a commitment of time and effort is required.  Often there is resistance to changing the mindset, as a team develops new habits.  As an executive improves skills to manage change, it is much more difficult with four generations now in the workplace. There is no "one size fits all" solution. 

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"Driving Business Value Through Sustainability" - Kevin Wilhelm

The Executive Network of Seattle upcoming event includes a presentation from Kevin Wilhelm - "Driving Business Value Through Sustainability". Kevin Wilhelm is an author and leading authority on creating and implementing sustainable business practices that increase profitability and business value. 

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