This free guide walks you through the process of developing a talent pool to build your sales team - step-by-step.

If you find it difficult to source, recruit and hire great people for your sales team, this guide is for you. 

A Talent Pool Approach is candidate-centric, it focuses on identifying and meeting candidate needs. It allows for time for engagement, answering questions, and having two-way communication. The result is a better candidate experience before and during the hiring process.

This, in turn, results in higher quality candidates with longer retention rates.

This whitepaper will guide you through the development of your own Talent Pool. It is divided into seven sections:

Talent Pool Program Goals

Development Implementation Process

Who to include in the database & Where to find candidates

Candidate information to track

Process to build relationships with talent pool candidates

Ongoing relationship building content suggestions

When an opening occurs

This white paper is a cumulation of programs I have used for other companies with great success. 


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