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The Step by Step Hiring Process Template

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Developing a successful sales team is only possible 
if the right salespeople are in place. By using these
hiring recommendations, you will be assured
of creating the proper foundation for your team’s success.

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This business growth/profit calculator is designed to show how
profit changes from one-time period to another based on:

- Revenue -
- Number of transactions per year -
- Average revenue per customer -
- Number of new customers -
- Expenses -

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Revenue Alignment & Generation

Sales Process,
Forecasting & Metrics

Strategic / Tactical Planning

Market Niche Strategy

Business Development Strategy

Employee Engagement

Client Experience

Executive Counsel

-  Achieve greater results  -  Attract, Retain & Engage Top Performers  -
- Gain Enthusiastic Advocates Not just customers -

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My business intelligence company was faced with challenges in a number of sales related areas. When we brought Elizabeth on, we were expanding the size of the sales team and attempting to bring structure and consistency into the overall sales process.

She helped us develop a roadmap to get us there and then trained the team on how to follow it. Through a consultative and collaborative approach, she brought in best practices in lead qualification and helped us formalize our end-to-end sales process.Elizabeth was also a high impact presence in the marketing strategy for our flagship product.

Skilled, smart and creative, she was a difference maker for our team.”

Adam Nathan
Adam Nathan
Founder/CEO Brainbox Consulting

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