At the core of revenue is relationships. Developing relationships with prospects, vendors, collaborators & vendors is key to discovering revenue opportunities.

networking-preparedness-checklist-cover2-400The checklist provides the essentials to remember when networking:

Resultist-Icon-20x20Is this the right room for me?

Resultist-Icon-20x20What are the priorities?

Resultist-Icon-20x20Eat, drink and be merry?

Resultist-Icon-20x20How to be like James Bond.

Resultist-Icon-20x20How to deal with annoying people. (Escape)

Resultist-Icon-20x20What should I be prepared for?

If you are not yet comfortable with networking and believe it is a 'waste of time', this checklist may provide new insights you had not yet considered.

If you are recruiting and looking for the top 5%, you might use this checklist to evaluate their ability to connect, communicate, prioritize and be effective. 

If you are developing a team to overcome a reputation of "sales people", this checklist can be a tool to start the conversation.

The checklist includes tips and ideas I have used for many years with great success. A few of the tips seem simple enough but are often forgotten during a busy day. Keep it handy on your smart phone as a reference.

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