This ebook can be your guide during the hiring process as you develop a sales team of excellence. 

step-by-step-hiring-processThis pdf includes information about:

Resultist-Icon-20x20Pre-Hiring process

Resultist-Icon-20x20Hiring assessments

Resultist-Icon-20x20Two phases of the hiring process

Resultist-Icon-20x20The on-boarding process

Resultist-Icon-20x20Action to take at the 30-day and 60-day mark

Resultist-Icon-20x20Pre-employment reference checks

Resultist-Icon-20x20Questions to include during a reference check

Resultist-Icon-20x20Questions to include in your interview process

Developing a successful sales team is only possible if the right salespeople are in place. By using these hiring recommendations, you will be assured of creating the proper foundation for your team’s success.

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