Sales vs Marketing - From the Customer’s Point of View

Customers have a unique perspective in the classic sales versus marketing battle because they are what both teams are fighting over. However, instead of feeling honored that both teams want to win their favor, the battle has a high probability of turning them off and driving them away. 

Paradoxically, pulling on a customer from each side only serves to push them away from both.

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Sales vs Marketing – A CEO’s Take on a Classic Battle

CEOs are all too familiar with the struggle for dominance between sales and marketing. Yet despite being on top of the organizational chart, they are not immune from its deleterious effects. The in-fighting grates on CEOs and derails companies in much the same way that children quarreling upsets parents and sabotages harmony in a home.

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Sales vs Marketing – Why Marketing Always Wins

Marketing teams are all too familiar with the daily sales versus marketing battle. The fight does not have to be perpetuated for it to continue raging because the stakes are highly personal for marketers. Winning means being rewarded with increased responsibility, autonomy, and recognition. These prizes not only advance marketers’ careers, they also allow them to remain passionate about their roles. An us versus them mentality permeates the culture across every variety of marketing from branding to digital. But in a marketer’s mind, the fight is hardly fair.

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Sales vs Marketing – Why Sales is the Obvious Winner

The sales versus marketing battle is an age-old tug-of-war that permeates most corporate cultures. Everyone from entry-level salespeople to Senior VPs are familiar with the fight, and most have taken up arms to participate. In fact, joining this fight is one of the surest ways to unify a sales team, which otherwise would simply be a cohort of individuals out to achieve their own quotas. By combining efforts, a sales organization can demonstrate value as one unit rather than leaving individuals to fight alone, which strengthens its position.

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Sales vs Marketing – Who Wins in this Classic Battle?

C-level executives know that a battle is raging at most companies – the classic battle between sales and marketing. Executives encounter it from all different vantage points ranging from their earliest days in the workforce down in the trenches to the 30,000-foot view summary in their current positions. It is a problem that plagues many organizations, and yet it is rarely discussed at any level. However, without addressing it and fully understanding how it affects profitability, it cannot truly be solved.

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