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"The Pros and Cons of Our
5 Favorite CRM Software Systems


This new white paper covers why CRMs fail and how to avoid the failures, the pros and cons of our 5 favorite CRM solutions and much more.

dottedlineresultist.pngSales Qualification Matrix


This resource has repeatedly helped me to focus sales efforts on opportunities with the best chance of success and grow business. The Sales Qualification Matrix can provide your business an essential guide to increase your team’s success.

dottedlineresultist.pngRevenue Development Action Plan

revenuebuildingactionplan220.pngThe Revenue Development Action Plan will help you increase your b2b sales, know when you are on the right track, and how to turn your clients into advocates. 

dottedlineresultist.png"Best Client" Indentifier Worksheet

best_client_identifier-220-trans.pngThe BEST Client Identifier Worksheet will help you:  - Know who are your BEST clients  - Attract more like them as new clients  - Reduce expenses  - Increase repeat purchases  - Increase Sales and Profitability.

dottedlineresultist.pngResultist Sales Funnel Map

sales-funnel-map_220.pngThe Resultist Sales Funnel Map is one of the revenue growth tools which can help guide your team to success. The Resultist Sales Funnel takes you step by step through each step of the sales process.  View sales funnel map here >

dottedlineresultist.pngRevenue Management Organizational Chart
- Free PowerPoint Template -


The PowerPoint includes editable organizational charts with a Chief Revenue Officer in place. You will find a variety of scenarios to begin the process of positioning your team with a focus on aligning revenue teams and activities. Get access to the free org chart templates here >

Sales Compensation Plans White Paper

sales-compensation-plans-cover-trans-140.pngThis free white paper reviews critical thought processes for developing a sales compensation plan with examples, templates and software options. Get the white paper here >

dottedlineresultist.pngRevenue Generation Assessment


This free assessment is an online spreadsheet/calculator that helps you quickly review your revenue generation potential. It is simple and straightforward to act as a compass and keep your team focused.

dottedlineresultist.pngFree Business Growth & Profit Calculator 


This free online business growth/profit calculator is designed to show how profit changes from one-time period to the next.   


A Step-by-Step Guide -
Build a Sales Team Talent Pool


This free white paper free white paper will guide you through developing your own Talent Pool Program step-by-step. Get the free white paper here >

dottedlineresultist.pngThe Role of a Chief Revenue Officer


This ebook will help you study and define the role of a Chief Revenue Officer in depth which should prove the job of a CRO is more than just a glorified VP of Sales. With a more thorough understanding of the CRO role, you will be better prepared to develop a company’s business model, ensuring the market sizing,