CAMPS Leadership Forum Introduces Carey Suto: Manufacturing Supply Chain Cost Management

I recently attended a great CAMPS event, the Leadership Forum at The Bellevue Club. Carey Suto, Director of Supply Chain for Western Integrated Technologies (WIT), presented insights about Manufacturing Supply Chain Cost Management. 

Market Research - Evaluating Who in Your Target Audience Will Become Your Best Clients

Have you ever been presented with a product or service that made you think the person who created it was reading your mind? It was almost as if they had followed you around, understood what made you tick, and knew exactly what buttons to push to get the desired reaction.

While they probably didn't trail you through rush hour traffic or tap your phone, this isn't far from the truth. The most successful marketers have developed the ability to find out what their target audience is thinking and then provide them with solutions to their biggest issues at just the right moment.

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