Kate Pierce

Kate Pierce

Kate Pierce is the owner of LionShark Digital Marketing LLC, a West Michigan digital marketing company. Before starting her own venture, she cut her teeth in marketing at the world’s largest ecommerce provider, giving her valuable insight into ecommerce topics and trends. Her areas of expertise include web copywriting, search engine optimization, and business blogging. She lives in the Grand Rapids area with her husband and two incredibly cute children.

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Taking a Daniel Tiger Perspective on The Current State of Work

Any parent with young kids knows Daniel Tiger is the ultimate authority on every lesson you need in life. The PBS successor to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood features a young tiger (unsurprisingly named Daniel) and his family. He confronts life’s difficult challenges with emotional maturity, self-awareness, and singing.


But, unlike most children’s TV, you won’t end up hating it. In fact, you’ll end up loving it because the songs are so catchy and soothing that you can draw on Daniel Tiger’s extensive catalog of compositions to guide your child through basically any daily struggle.

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