21 Revenue Strategy Examples to Kickstart Your Revenue Growth

Aka: Revenue Strategies - the Foundation for CRO Success 

In a recent confidential interview, a CEO shared his thoughts about the next 12 months:  "We believe we will achieve our revenue and profit goals over the next 12 months with our current resources. We have the right team, the latest software and tools, effective processes, remarkable products & services, strong branding and a unique value proposition." He went on to admit “… but we are not achieving our revenue and profit goals and we are still unsure why.”

The proper revenue strategy aligns marketing, sales, and customer experience teams around a singular goal: drive profitability. Without a strategic roadmap, healthy and sustained growth simply cannot flourish, which is why organizations put so much emphasis on the planning process. In fact, studies reveal that tightly-aligned sales and marketing functions result in an average of 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales closing rates, than their more loosely aligned counterparts.

Unraveling such a puzzle to understand what is ‘broken’ has us first visiting the revenue strategy. Choosing a revenue strategy impacts all other aspects of planning and whether goals are achieved.

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SCORE Seattle Event: Starting & Growing a Consulting Business

On February 23rd, many attended a SCORE class: “Starting and Growing a Consulting Business” at Greater Seattle SCORE in Seattle, led by John Martinka. I was honored to be a panelist along with Dave Shapiro.

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The 2018 BP Pulse – A Distribution and Manufacturing Survey


The BP Pulse is a Distribution and Manufacturing Survey compiled in association with the Center for Advanced Manufacturing Puget Sound (CAMPS). Berntson Porter (BP) has partnered with CAMPS to provide valuable insight into the Pacific Northwest economy and distribution and manufacturing industries.  This content was thoughtfully developed by a professional staff of CPAs specializing in distribution and manufacturing industries. If you are in the distribution, transportation, and/or manufacturing industries, I expect you will find this report especially helpful. If you serve or support these industries, the survey results will help you better understand the barriers and opportunities faced by those you support.