Christine Wine

Christine Wine

Christine has a diverse experience in many support roles in retail, legal and e-commerce. Christine currently splits her time between a variety of companies as a project manager and coordinator. She lives in Columbus with her cat and enjoys playing sand volleyball, paddle boarding and spending time out with friends.

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5 Tips To Keep Yourself From Feeling Burnt Out Working Multiple Jobs

People are generally confused when I tell them I work two different project management jobs that both involve working with multiple clients all in different industries and requiring different levels of attention.

The most common questions I hear

  1. “Why would I do that to myself?”
  2. “How do I keep any of the work straight”
  3. “How do I manage to do it without getting completely burnt out?”

It’s taken some time and trial and error, but I have found these five tips help keep me from getting burnt out between my work and personal life:

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