How to motivate staff and keep them inspired with an app

It has been almost four years since Tom Skerritt spoke at The Executive Network of Seattle, but his stories and wisdom continues to ring in my head.

He told us inspiring stories of his commitment to improving the lives of up and coming generations by providing them the basic communication tools and language skills that our faster-than-the-speed-of-a-tweet society is overlooking.

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What is a Chief Revenue Officer - Job Description and Responsibilities

The chief revenue officer is a pivotal role directly influencing the future of a company, and covers new business sales, installed client base sales, marketing, and partner strategy. Adding a new CRO to an organization sends the message: “our company wants a growth hacker” with a passion for growing business.

As a company evolves, it may become apparent that a chief revenue officer is needed, and that person will lead the charge as they take on the responsibility for all aspects of driving revenue to the company. As with most CXO positions, each company will require a CRO to play different roles. There is no “one-size fits all” job description.

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How to Get More Clients Back

Too much time, energy and money is spent searching for potential clients. In the new world of media, getting found via search engines or social media has become an additional expense.  Wooing and winning new clients is more difficult as they have information and resources available with a click on their mobile device and set up systems to guard from pesky sales people.

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